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Our consulting team works with companies to design the right telecommunication solution for your business and customers. Our thorough analysis will provide you will a design that exceeds your expectations. So call us today to start the discussion. 

Multinational Consulting Services

We work with global companies with multiple divisions to cut telecommunication and call management waste. With design excellence and lean thinking, your organization will have an industry-leading unified communication solution. 


Software Development

We provide VoIP, Web App, UI/UX, Mobile App, Mean and Mern, and CRM development. All of our project managers are based in the US. However, our development team is based out of India. Our development team has extensive experience with ReactJS, PHP, Asterisk, Freeswitch, WebRTC, Opensips, and Kamailio. 


RFP Consulting

Our team that manages your RFP  process is unmatched in the industry. Our vast industry knowledge assures you will get the best terms possible. With a team of finance and legal telecom experts, you can rest assured that you will be well-represented and get the best price possible with service-level guarantees. 


IVR Consulting

Our IVR team will analyze your current environment and design a cost-saving solution with the latest features, including AI. 

Out-of-date IVR solutions cost your company money. Learn how you can update your IVR utilizing the latest features.

Get in Touch

To speak to one of our dedicated telecommunications consultants, please fill out the lead form below.

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